About Us

HRA Objectives

(per By-Laws amended 21 Dec 2018)

The primary mission of the HRA is to foster open dialogue between industry representatives and the acquisition community operating in support of the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center (AFLCMC), Hanscom AFB (LCMC Hanscom). The objectives of the HRA are to promote improvement to the defense acquisition process; to gain deeper understanding of weapon systems requirements managed by LCMC Hanscom; and to highlight business opportunities at LCMC Hanscom, its satellite organizations, and surrounding regional Defense and Federal acquisition agencies. The HRA shall do this through the promotion of open dialogue with acquisition principals and the organizations they support. The HRA shall also promote the depth and breadth of the acquisition acumen of its membership to LCMC Hanscom and regional acquisition principals to support process improvement activities. The HRA is not intended to compete with or supplant other existing professional organizations supporting LCMC Hanscom. The HRA shall neither contribute to nor sponsor any Hanscom-sanctioned events not related to the HRA’s objectives, but may participate or lend assistance to “5 Star” committee activities and other regional professional association activities as deemed appropriate by the President and Executive Committee.

Our History

The Hanscom Representatives Association (HRA) was established in 2000 with the intention of giving a voice to industry. We are proud to say that 23 years later, the HRA is still very strong within the Hanscom area.